Ninja Reading: A 6-Step Method for Radical Life Transformation Through Reading

Be mentored by Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin, and Leonardo da Vinci; get an Ivy League education; learn any topic or skill from the world’s foremost experts; and improve your life by 1000%. . . by reading the right way.



I’m Marelisa Fábrega, owner of the blog Daring to Live Fully. I’ve always loved reading. However, it was only recently that I realized that–although I enjoy the process of reading–I didn’t have much to show for all the time and effort that I’ve devoted to reading.

That’s when I sat down and started researching better ways to read. I conducted experiments based on the information I was gathering, and that’s how I developed a 6-step reading method which I call Ninja Reading. That’s when everything changed. I’m now using reading to radically tansform my life (plus, I can now recall almost everything that I read).

I’m in the process of creating a 6-module course to share my method with others. The course will contain the following modules:

    • Module I: Adopt the Reading Ninja Mindset
      • Myth Busting: You Can Read 100+ Books This Year
      • A Reading Strategy for Each Reading Task
      • Develop the Mindset of Champions


    • Module II: Design Your Reading Curriculum
      • Apply the Philosophy of a Famous 16th Century Frenchman
      • Set Your Ninja Reading Goals
      • Craft Your Reading Strategy
      • How to Choose What Books to Read
      • The 5-4-1 Rule


  • Module III: Create Your Ninja Reading Ritual
    • Finding Time to Read
    • Adopting the Reading Habit
    • A Technique for Making Reading Addictive


  • Module IV: Apply the Ninja Reading Framework for Reading Smarter, Faster, and Better
    • Selective Reading
    • Exploratory Reading
    • Fluent Reading
    • Whole Brain Reading
    • Meta-Reading


  • Module V: Activation and Implementation
    • How to Turn Nuggets Gleaned From Your Reading Into Action Steps
    • Apply What You Read to Transform Your Life


  • Module VI: A Plan for Using Books to Improve Your Life by 1000%

Plus Ten Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: Transcript Of All Course Videos
  • Bonus 2: Ninja Reading Spreadsheet – Keep Track of Your Reading
  • Bonus 3: Ninja Reading Template
  • Bonus 4: How to Build a Home Library
  • Bonus 5: How to Remember What You Read
  • Bonus 6: How to Read the Classics: Become Well-Read
  • Bonus 7: Strengthen Your Reading Muscles: Build Ninja-Like Focus and Concentration
  • Bonus 8: Reading to Learn – 32 Tips from The Science of Learning
  • Bonus 9: How to Become An Expert In Any Subject by Reading
  • Bonus 10: My Reading List

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