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85 Questions to Help You Set Kick-Ass Financial Goals

a million dollarsWhat’s the best way to set goals? Ask yourself questions. In this post you’ll discover 85 questions to help you set kick-ass financial goals. Because the first step in getting what you want is to decide what it is that you want.

1. How much money do you want to earn (what would you like your salary to be)?

2. Would you like your paycheck to increase by a certain amount or a certain percentage each year?

3. Would you like to set up a tracking system for your spending so that you can determine once and for all where your money is going?

4. Would you like to gather all of your financial documents and determine exactly how much money you have?

5. How much money do you want to have in your savings account and/or in your money market fund?

6. Would you like to be able to pay your bills each month and have a little left over for “fun money”?

7. Do you want to be free of all credit card debt?

8. Do you want to pay off your mortgage in full?

9. Would you like to pay off your school loans?

10. Would you like to be completely debt-free?

11. Would you like to buy a house with 100% cash?

12. Do you want to go for an entire year without buying anything with your credit card?

13. Would you like to improve your credit rating?

14. Would you like to have a six-month emergency fund?

15. Would you like to have an opportunity fund (so that you can easily take advantage of any opportunity which comes your way)?

16. Would you like to become financially literate?

17. Would you like to become certified as a financial planner?

18. Would you like to be able to read and understand corporate balance sheets, income statements, and other financial documents?

19. Would you like to create a financial strategy?

20. Would you like to take a college course on personal finance?

21. Would you like to drop any negative beliefs you may have about money?

22. Would you like to release any negative feelings that you may have about money (any negative emotions that may surface whenever the issue of money comes up)?

23. Would you like to adopt positive beliefs about money?

24. Would you like to reset your financial thermostat (the amount of money that you feel comfortable having)?

25. Would you like to start focusing on abundance instead of scarcity?

26. Would you like to find a way to release past financial mistakes that you’ve made so that you can move on and make better decisions in the future?

27. How many streams of income would you like to create?

28. Is there a percentage of your income that you would like to set aside each month in order to invest in income-producing assets?

29. Would you like to read the top 100 books on finance?

30. What would you like your net worth to be (assets – liabilities)?

31. When would you like to retire (at what age)?

32. Would you like to amass sufficient wealth to be able to retire comfortably?

33. How much money do you want to retire on?

34. Would you like to start making regular contributions to a retirement plan?

35. Would you like to set up an early retirement plan?

36. Would you like to start paying yourself first each month (have a percentage of your paycheck deposited automatically each month into a savings account)?

37. Would you like to learn how to live on less money (simplify your life and live more frugally)?

38. Would you like to create a list of 100 things that you can do to simplify your life so that you can cut down on expenses?

39. Would you like to lower your expenses to a certain amount?

40. Would you like to curb your consumerism?

41. Would you like to determine what percentage of your income you’re going to spend on each category of expenses and stick to that determination?

42. Would you like to downsize so that you can feel more financially secure?

43. Would you like to become a minimalist so that your money can go toward having new experiences instead of going toward the accumulation of possessions?

44. Would you like to create a personal income statement?

45. Would you like to create a personal balance sheet?

46. Would you like to create a personal cash flow statement?

47. Would you like to teach your kids how to value money?

48. Would you like to have an automated system in place that monitors, measures, and manages your personal finances, and that will alert you when you get out of line or when actions need to be taken?

49. Would you like to calculate how much it’s going to cost to achieve your life goals and come up with a plan of how you’re going to get the money?

50. Would you like to set up a separate savings account for each of your major life goals (buying a house, spending a year traveling, paying for a fabulous wedding, and so on)?

51. What investments would you like to make?

52. Are you going to invest in stocks and/or bonds?

53. Would you like to own a share of stock in Berkshire Hathaway?

54. Are you going to invest in real estate?

55. Are you going to invest in commodities, such as silver?

56. Do you want to own gold bullions?

57. Would you like to create a diversified portfolio?

58. Would you like to make a certain amount of money by freelancing?

59. Would you like to make a certain amount of money by decluttering your home and selling anything that you don’t need or want?

60. Are you going to create multiple streams of income?

61. Would you like to start a business?

62. Would you like to set up a college fund for your kids?

63. Are you going to create a trust fund for your child?

64. Would you like to ensure that your parents are comfortable and well taken care of in their old age?

65. Are you going to have passive income coming in from an online business, from book royalties, or from licensing a patent?

66. Is your goal to create enough passive income to cover all of your expenses?

67. Are you going to hire a financial planner?

68. Are you going to hire a tax attorney?

69. Are you going to hire an accountant?

70. Are you going to create a personal corporation to protect your assets?

71. What insurance would you like to have?

72. Would you like to have an estate plan?

73. Would you like to be a millionaire?

74. Would you like to be a millionaire before the age of forty?

75. Would you like to be a multimillionaire?

76. Would you like to have a Swiss Bank Account?

77. Would you like to see a million dollars in cash?

78. Would you like to make it into the Forbes list of the richest people in the world?

79. Would you like to reach a point at which you feel that you have all the money that you need?

80. Would you like to create your own definition of what “being wealthy” means?

81. Would you like to blog about your journey toward becoming financially independent?

82. Would you like to be mentored by a millionaire?

83. Would you like to start spending more time around people who are successful at making and investing their money?

84. Would you like to be part of a mastermind group in which everyone is striving to reach financial goals that are similar to your own?

85. Would you like to be able to give money away to worthy causes?

Of course, you don’t want to just set financial goals; you also want to reach them. In order to set and achieve your financial life goals–as well as your life goals in all other areas of your life–get “How to Live Your Best Life – The Essential Guide For Creating And Achieving Your Life List”.

What are your financial goals? Please share in the comments section.

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  • Marelisa July 10, 2012, 10:31 pm

    Just for everyone’s information, The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago has a Money Museum with a kiosk that takes your picture in front of one million dollars in $100 bills. I haven’t been there, but I read about it (and I soooo want a picture of that!).

  • James Kershaw July 11, 2012, 9:24 am

    As I read the article all I could think of was that old saying,
    “The love of money is the root of all evil”.

    Sometimes I think how lucky I am to be able to go to the store and pick up a bag of potatoes and some fruit and never go hungry or broke.

  • Marelisa July 11, 2012, 10:56 am

    James: That’s why everyone should create their own definition of wealth. There’s nothing “evil” about wanting to take care of your family, save some money to have a comfortable retirement, and have fun along the way. If you cheat and steal to get money, then of course that’s evil, but no one has said anything about cheating and stealing. In addition, you shouldn’t lose your health, or neglect the people that you love, in order to make money.

  • Heather July 26, 2012, 10:14 pm

    There are some really qreat questions here thanks for this! I will be gathering some of these and a few other tools over the next week or so to set some finance goals for myself and my hubby!