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How to Make More Money: 100 Questions to Ask

Making more money, or generating a higher income, can start with a question. In this post you’ll find 100 questions you should ask yourself if you’ve been wondering how to make more money.

1. How can I add value to the life of others?

2. How can I make life easier for others?

3. How can I fill an expanding need?

4. How can I make money doing what I love?

5. What problems do other people have that I can solve?

6. What problem have I solved lately in my life which I suspect other people are having as well?

7. What do I constantly hear my loved ones, neighbors, and friends complaining about?

8. What five opportunities can I identify right now that I could take advantage of?

9. How can I find the money to take advantage of the best of these five opportunities?

10. How many ways of generating income can I come up with?

11. Why isn’t there a . . . ?

12. Is there a shortcoming in the service or goods provided by others that I can fix?

13. Can I start a side-business as a spin-off of my present occupation?

14. How can I turn my hobby into a business?

15. What financial decision would I make from a position of strength?

16. If someone were holding a gun to my head and they told me that I had to generate $250 of additional income by tomorrow at midnight, what would I do?

17. How can I cut back on expenses so that I can invest the difference in income-producing assets?

18. What skills do I have that I can start applying right away to produce income?

19. What information product can I create?

20. What talent do I have that I can turn into a coaching practice?

21. What do my friends always ask for help with, and how can I turn it into a product or service?

22. Is there something I know how to do that my friends are always saying I should charge for (such as baking great brownies)?

23. What task do people usually outsource that I can perform?

24. If I had a $100 bill, how I would leverage it to create $300?

25. How can I upsell to my current clients?

26. Is there a product that would complement what I’m already selling (like french fries complement a hamburger)?

27. Can I add video or audio to my product and sell it a higher price?

28. Can I turn my information product into a webinar?

29. Can I increase the number of times my clients return and buy again?

30. Can I raise my prices without losing too many customers?

31. Would more people buy from me if I lowered my price?

32. How can I get more customers?

33. How can I get others to refer customers to me?

34. What psychological barriers are stopping me from making more money?

35. What are my current beliefs about money?

36. How is my self-talk limiting the amount of money that I can make?

37. Can I ask for a raise at work?

38. Can I get a promotion?

39. Can I change the way that I am paid so that I earn commissions instead of just a straight salary?

40. Can I get a job that pays me more?

41. What reasons do I give for not making more money?

42. What excuses do I need to stop making so that I can allow myself to make more money?

43. How can I free up time to create an additional income stream?

44. Who do I know that has been able to increase their income over the past year, that I can approach to ask how they did it?

45. What would I do to make more money if I wasn’t afraid of failing?

46. How can I make a product that I’m selling better, so that more people will buy it?

47. How can I improve my sales page to turn more prospects into buying customers?

48. How can I increase my copywriting skills so that I convince more people to buy from me?

49. If I had $5000 to spend on self-improvement, how would I spend it? (This is a question that Ramit from “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” asks.)

50. Am I earning interest on my six-month emergency fund?

51. Am I making a good amount of interest from my current investments, or could I be earning a higher interest if I switch investments?

52. Am I paying unnecessary fees (such as bank maintenance fees, or AAA fees when roadside assistance is covered by my insurance policy), when I could be investing that money instead?

53. Are there books in the public domain that I can add value to and sell?

54. Is there a product that I use and love that I can become an affiliate for?

55. What freelancing services could I offer (freelance writer, web designer, blog consultant, and so on)?

56. What books can I read that will improve my financial literacy so that I can learn how to make better use of my money?

57. What blogs can I subscribe to that will show me how to create an additional income stream?

58. What skill could I acquire that would allow me to earn a higher income?

59. What certification could I get that would help me earn more money?

60. Can I do some moonlighting?

61. How can I improve my marketing campaign in order to bring in more clients?

62. How can I improve my sales technique in order to sell more?

63. How can I inspire more confidence in others so that they will buy from me?

64. How can I eliminate distractions that keep me from focusing on the tasks that bring in more money?

65. How can I stop procrastinating on taking the necessary action to increase my income?

66. How can I increase my productivity so that I can get more done in my business?

67. How can I raise my self-esteem in order to feel worthy to earn a larger income?

68. What activities do I spend a lot of time on, that don’t bring in any revenue?

69. What business activities can I automate so that I have more time to spend looking for clients?

70. How can I outsource mundane tasks which need to get done but which take time away from income-producing activities?

71. How can I increase my billable hours?

72. What activities do I perform that bring in the most revenue?

73. How can I increase the time that I spend on the activities that create the most income?

74. Who are the 20% of my clients that bring in the most money, and how can I focus more of my time and attention on them?

75. If I’ve found a system that works and is making me money, how can I make that system even more efficient?

76. Is there a project that I need to drop because it’s not making me enough money to justify the investment of time and other resources that I’m making?

77. Would it be better to charge per hour or per project?

78. Can I offer a more basic version of my product or service, at a lower price?

79. Can I offer a more feature-intensive or more advanced version of my product or service, at a higher price?

80. Can I rent out a room in my house or some office space in my office?

81. Is there a service I can offer my neighbors, such as printing or photocopying services, child care, or cooking and food delivery?

82. Do I own a piece of expensive equipment that I could rent out to others when I’m not using it?

83. Can I come up with a good idea for a design that would look great on coffee mugs and t-shirts which I can sell on CafePress?

84. Do I know how to make jewelry, stationary, or other handmade product which I could sell on Etsy?

85. Am I willing to do things other people don’t want to do (obviously, we’re talking about legal things)?

86. Is there something I enjoy doing which others find mundane (such as mowing lawns)?

87. Is there a topic that others would pay me to lecture on?

88. Is there an item I could buy in bulk and then resell individually at a profit?

89. When was the last time I saw something and thought, “I could do a much better job”?

90. What’s the most creative way I can think of to make more money?

91. What current trends can I cash in on (an example would be offering English classes if a lot of foreigners are moving to your town)?

92. Am I proficient using a certain software, such as InDesign or Photoshop, that a lot of people need to use but aren’t proficient in?

93. Could I teach a class at a community college?

94. Are there any contests that I could enter (baking contests, contests at the state fair, and so on)?

95. Who can I find that would hold me accountable on my goal to increase my income?

96. Who can I brainstorm with for more ideas on how to increase my income?

97. Who could I hire that would help me create a plan on how to increase my income?

98. Who can I partner up with in order to increase my income?

99. Who is the highest earner in my field, and what are they doing differently than I am?

100. How can I leverage a service I provide in order to reach a broader audience (such as creating a fitness DVD if you’re an aerobics instructor)?

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