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10 Minutes of Morning Motivation: 7 Videos to Start Your Day Off Right

morning motivation

Start your day right with 10 minutes of morning motivation.

Getting your mornings right will go a long way toward making you a happier, more productive, and more successful person. A great morning routine usually consists of a few stretches, some journaling, a good breakfast, and five minutes of meditation.

However, I recommend that you add something else to your mornings: motivation that will spill over into the rest of your day. That’s where the videos I’m going to share with you in this post come in.

onehouradayformula banner longMost people have little time to spare in the morning, but you can listen to these videos while you do other things, such as the following:

  • While you get dressed;
  • As you apply make-up;
  • While you prepare your breakfast; or
  • During your commute.

I watched a lot of morning motivation videos on YouTube and selected the very best ones to share with you (yes, I spoil you). Here’s a 10 minute morning motivation video for each day of the week:

Monday Morning Motivation

The video for your Monday morning motivation is by Earl Nightingale, a popular American radio host and motivational speaker from the 20th century. The video is almost 14 minutes long, but if you listen to it at 1.25x the normal speed you can comfortably get through it in 10 minutes.

The theme of this video is having the right attitude. In it, Nightingale explains that your attitude is the one thing that is most responsible for the results you get in life. In addition, your attitude is 100% under your control.

Here are a couple of quotes from the video:

“We shape our own lives. and the shapes of them will be determined by our own attitudes.” – Earl Nightingale

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter their life by altering their attitudes of mind.” – William James

Start your day with a positive attitude by watching this video:

Tuesday Morning Motivation

In Tuesday’s morning motivaton video, famous people–such as Oprah and Penelope Cruz–offer words of encouragement. Here’s some of the inspirational advice you’ll find in this video:

  • Fill yourself up: always keep your cup full.
  • If someone has treated you badly, move on. Don’t allow them to continue dragging you down.
  • You can overcome the difficult times you’ve been through.
  • Save yourself. No one’s coming to save you.

Here are ten minutes of inspirational advice for you:

Wednesday Morning Motivation

Wednesday’s morning motivation video is a reminder that you have to be happy first, and then good things will follow. Here’s some of the wisdom you’ll discover in this inspirational video:

  • Change the stories that you tell yourself about what has happened to you,  who you are, and how much you can accomplish.
  • Focus on what you have, instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Be grateful!
  • If you don’t see yourself as valuable, no one else will.
  • You will attract into your life what you are, not what you want.

This is a beautiful video:

Thursday Morning Motivation

For Thrusday’s morning motivation, I’ve chosen a video by Tony Robbins. He explains that he primes himself every morning in order to feel good throughout the day. By listening to this video, you’ll be priming yourself to have a great day.

Here it is:

Friday Morning Motivation

The morning motivation video for Friday will encourage you to retrain your mind. Here are some gems from Friday’s video:

  • Your mind is designed to stop you from doing anything that might hurt you. It wants to keep you safe at all costs. But in order to be a great entrepreneur, athelete, artist, parent, or anything else, you have to step outside of your comfort zone and risk getting hurt.
  • It’s your job to push yourself.
  • The people who succeed aren’t necessarily the smartest. It’s the ones who procrastinate less, make fewer excuses, and take action toward their dreams every day.

Here’s the video:

Saturday Morning Motivation

The Saturday morning motivation video is a little New Agey, but it’s very inspiring. Here are some of the things you’ll be hearing in this video:

  • Don’t waste time arguing for your limitations.
  • You are a magnet that draws what you are toward you. If you’re negative, you will draw negative things toward you. And if you’re positive, you will draw positive things toward you.
  • Change your thoughts and your beliefs, and you can change your life.

Here you go:

Sunday Morning Motivation

In Sunday’s morning motivation video, the emphasis is on the importance of the words “I am”, and what follows those two words. Look at the following:

  • If you make a mistake, do you tell yourself: “I’m a failure”, or “I’m a work in progress”?
  • Stop using the power of “I am” against you.
  • Here’s the good news: you get to decide what follows the “I am”.

Watch the video:


I know what I’ll be listening to in the mornings as I get dressed. How about you? Live your best life by increasing your morning motivation. Spend 10 minutes each morning watching and/or listening to these videos.


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