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20 Questions to Ask Yourself

The 20 questions below were taken from the book “How to Turn Your Ability Into Cash”, by Earl Prevette. They’re worth pondering.

1. What is my attitude toward myself, toward other people, toward God, toward my neighbor, and toward my job?

2. Do I think and act positively?

3. Am I tolerant and considerate of other people?

4. Do I honestly respect the rights and opinions of others?

5. Do I interrupt while others are speaking?

6. Do I tell my affairs to everyone I meet?

7. Do I practice the Golden Rule?

8. Do I permit the whims and fancies of misfortune to deter real issues?

9. Do I monopolize the conversation with a big “I” and a little “you”?

10. Am I arrogant and impudent?

11. Am I honest with myself?

12. Am I persistent and progressive, without being offensive?

13. Am I blown around from opinion to opinion, like a thistle in a windstorm?

14. Do I cultivate habits that make me strong physically, mentally and spiritually?

15. Do I have confidence in my ability?

16. Do I dare to think for myself?

17. Do I hesitate, falter, postpone and procrastinate?

18. Do I practice the little acts of courtesy in my daily associations?

19. Do I covet what others have?

20. Am I envious? Am I jealous?

Live your best life by constantly asking yourself questions in order to examine your habits of thought and how you’re relating to yourself and to the rest of the world.

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