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60 Lists to Make When You Need a Mood Lift

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Making lists is a great way to lift your mood.

Most people love lists—and I’m definitely one of those people. Lists can help you create order out of chaos, de-stress, and focus on the positive. They’re also good for remembering the good things from the past and planning a great future.

For all of these reasons, making lists is one of the things I do as part of my self-care ritual when I’m having one of those not-so-good days. I recommend you do the same.

What are the rules when writing your lists? The rules are, there are are no rules:

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  • Make your lists as long or as short as necessary.
  • Add details if you like (for example, instead of just listing your favorite books, write down why you love each book).
  • If you’d rather, make each item on your list just one word long.
  • Share your lists with others or keep them to yourself.
  • Use a notebook and pen, or simply type your lists on your laptop.
  • Write in your mother tongue or try using the second language you were taught in high school.
  • If you’re the creative type, draw your lists.
  • Light a candle while you write your lists, or don’t light a candle.
  • Listen to Bach Cello Suite No. 1 as you write, or not.
  • Ignore some of the lists I suggest.
  • Come up with some of your own list ideas.

Here, then, are 60 lists to make when you’re feeling down:

1. List your favorite books.

2. List the books you want to read.

3. List your favorite movies.

4. List the movies you want to watch.

5. List all the adventures you’ve been on.

6. List all the adventures you want to go on.

7. List all the countries/cities you’ve been to.

8. List all the countries/cities you want to go to.

9. List your favorite songs.

10. List your favorite people.

11. List people who have helped you.

12. List people you have helped.

13. List your favorite summer activities.

14. List your favorite winter activities.

15. List your favorite autumn activities.

16. List your favorite spring activities.

17. List your best childhood memories.

18. List all the things you know how to do well.

19. List the skills you’d like to learn.

20. List the problems you’ve solved and the challenges you’ve overcome.

21. List the things you loved to do as a child.

22. List your favorite meals and desserts.

23. List all the foods you would like to try.

24. List your best qualities –your best physical and character traits.

25. List all your hobbies (past and present).

26. List the hobbies you would like to try.

27. List ways to de-stress and practice self-care.

28. List ways you can step out of your comfort zone.

29. List all the goals you’ve achieved.

30. List the goals you want to achieve.

lists to make

31. List the things you’ve done that you’re most proud of.

32. List the things you love about your significant other.

33. List things you would like to do with your significant other.

34. List the things you love most about your kids.

35. List things you would like to do with your kids.

36. List your favorite affirmations.

37. List what you love to do when it’s time to play.

38. List playful activities you would like to try.

39. List your favorite things in nature.

40. List the natural wonders you would like to visit.

41. List money-making ideas.

42. List things you worried about in the past that never happened.

43. List things you need to stop worrying about.

44. List the best compliments you’ve received.

45. List 100 things you’re grateful for.

46. List the elements of your ideal day.

47. List the simple pleasures that make you happy.

48. List gifts you would like to receive (in case anyone asks).

49. List gifts you would like to give to others.

50. List your favorite smells.

51. List random acts of kindness you can do for others.

52. List people you admire.

53. List the most important life lessons you’ve learned.

54. List Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) would like to take.

55. List your strengths.

56. List your weaknesses and ways to deal with those weaknesses.

57. List ways you’re awesome.

58. List all the things you would like to improve about yourself (because we’re all works-in-progress).

59. List your positive habits.

60. List positive habits you would like to adopt.


I hope making the lists above lifts your mood if you’re having an off day. Live your best life by making lists.

I created a PDF of the list for you to download. Download it, print it, and put it somewhere you can grab it when you feel like making mood uplifting lists. Just fill in your name and email in the form below.